Meeting – Sept 20, 2012

Meeting held at Bend Senior Center

▪ President AJ Fraties called the meeting to order at 6:12pm.

▪ Treasurer Christie Gestvang reviewed the treasurer’s report.

Current balance:

Tournament: (Revenue)

Registration: $2,385.00
Shirt Sales: $ 80.00
Raffle & Food Sales: $1,108.00
TOTAL: $3,573.00

Tournament: (Expenses)

Parks & Rec: $ 300.00
Food & Supplies: $2,260.59
Software use: $ 100.00
Pickleball Inc.: $ 126.36
TOTAL: $2,786.95

Total Tournament Revenue: 786.05

Other Revenue:

Court Play: $ 936.25
4 Shirts sold: $ 80.00
2 Membership renewals: $ 100.00
1 New membership: $ 50.00

Other Expenses:

Court Play expense: $ 580.00
Storage Unit: $ 84.00
Pickleballs: $ 127.74
Software & Supplies: $ 57.78

Christie and Susan Schafer are working on cleaning up the member list and will have all membership renewals begin annually in June. Members who have paid through another date will be prorated to June.

▪ AJ announced that this is our last meeting for 2012 and it’s been a successful season with a current membership of approximately 100. The MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) was presented to the Parks & Recreation Board, once approved a partnership agreement between Bend Pickleball Club and Parks & Rec will be formalized. Approximate cost of 8 courts is at $200,000 or less with Parks & Rec agreeing to contribute 50% of the construction costs and also providing the land. Bend Pickleball Club will pay for the other half of the court construction costs. All grants received with be split 50/50.

▪ Bruce Schafer, who is working with the feasibility committee reported that the group has met twice and their next meeting is September 24th. They have identified a well known tennis court contractor for the construction of the courts. However, the final decision for contractor selection will be made by Bend Parks & Rec. Bruce indicated funding cannot commence until the MOU is completed, Partnership agreement is formally approved and site selection is finalized. In addition, a budget needs to to be in place. Currently the property within the Senior Center has been named as the best location for permanent courts. The best case scenario would be Fall of 2013 for the start of construction. Bruce also suggested a Brick Donation Drive which could start immediately with “pledges” rather than waiting until all the approvals are in place. AJ and Matt Mercer were thanked for their hard work and dedication in this project.

▪ Irene Fraites spoke about beginner training classes. The need for beginner trainers having training with a certain standard is needed. Members who play regularly, communicate clearly, are observant, listen to trainee, are positive, encouraging and make it “fun” She is looking for as many members available who can provide training in the winter. The lesson plan is to have everyone do the training in the same manner. Thursday, Sept. 27th or October 1st will be the first training session. Several members at the meeting raised their hands showing interest in the beginner training class.

▪ Les Scott, Vice President, announced that The Boys & Girls Club has agreed to let us use their facility during the winter. Play will begin October 16th with 4 hour sessions (8am – 12pm) on three courts on Tuesday, Thursday’s and Saturdays. The cost to cover expenses for members will be $3.00 and non-members at $5.00. The dynamics of having certain skill levels on certain days is still being worked out. However, it was suggested that as an example on Tuesday’s from 8am -10am have advanced players on 1 or 2 courts and beginners on 1 court and no more than 16 players in a 2 hour session. Then from 10am – 12pm would be intermediate players on all 3 courts. Sherie will head up volunteers for set up and take down. She can be contacted at Les suggested that players call in to “sign up” for play prior to day of play. The equipment will be stored at the courts.

▪ AJ announced that next years tournament will be held in August at Juniper Park. Juniper is looking at the schedules and has agreed to hold a 3 day block for our tournament and will advise us on a good date.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

Respectfully Submitted By:

Anne Reynolds, Secretary