2016 BCRV Tournament Volunteer Wall of Fame

The real stars of this tournament are the volunteers who gave willingly of their time and talent to staff the critical functions that make the tournament run. Without them, there would be no tournaments!


General Support

General support is more than the name implies.  This group is organized and ready to meet the foreseeable needs of athletes and spectators and to insure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at our event.  Athletes need a constant supply of hydration and food to fuel their bodies.  Competent medical staff is on constant stand-by, prepared to handle the worst.  Registration and check-in hand out swag and get records updated so games may get started on-time.  Information staff handles all of the random questions and gets found articles returned to their rightful owners.

Jill Bazemore
Nancy Borcalli
Janie Bowers
Carol Cavoretto
Evelyn Cooke
Joan Craig
Lois Cross
Patricia Delozier

Mark Farstvedt
Judy Fettig
Ellen Gibson
Quent Gillard
Cathy Gulliford
Mary Ann Hart
Tom Hart
Bill Herb

Bonnie Herb
Barbara Hudin
Sue Kiefer
Sandie Kitashima
Jenny La Fontaine
Saint Paula McConnell
Kay McCurdy
Jan Meredith

Lolita Mezias
Jim Osher
Jan Patchett
Kim Rachal
Judi Scharf
Anita Stewart
Nona Wright

Line Judges

Line Judges work as a 4 person team and assist the Referee in making sure the game is played within the rules. In Gold Medal matches, Line judges are posted to make all line calls.  Line judges perform a critical function and take the load off of competitors for making those line calls.

Cindy Adkins
Jill Bazemore
Tom Bazemore
Jack Beye
Jean Congleton
Greg Congleton
Lea Dailey
Vicky Dyrdahl
Gary Dyrdahl
Chris Gestvang

Julie Goff
Corlett Graff
Lee Graff
Bruce Grout
Alane Harrold
Diane Hatton
Julie Hedrick
Liz Hewitt
Barbara Hudin
Sali Hurst

Sally Jerome
Heather Johnston
Linda Kallal
Pat Kallal
Laureen Lampe
Elaine LeRoy
Mike LeRoy
Denise Lopez
Gary Lopez
Dennis Maddelein

Pam Meals
Scott Moyer
Rochelle Neal
Carol Osgood
Rip Osterhuber
Lisa Reckling
Sandra Smith
Ginger Spohr
Cacey Tagney
Jim Woodbridge
Werner Zehnder


The operations staff plans for the flow of participants and spectators onto the grounds, sets up and maintains sound and visual aids, sets up and maintains all of the support system booths, keeps the courts clean and legal, keeps the water stations supplied, facilitates and manages parking, positions and keeps the hygienic stations operational, handles the various emergencies that arise during the tournament, and then takes everything down and carefully stores it for use at the next event.

David Amack
Mike Bishop
Terry Brown
Joe Davidson

Vera Davidson
David Dickson
Brian Firebaugh
Nancy Isbell

David Kelley
Buzz McConnell
Riley McHugh
Scott McIntosh

Lee Moore
Scott Moyer
Jan Patchett
Greg Pierce
Jim Poppaw

Referees & Runners

What would a competitive match be without referees to keep everything on the level?  Our referees collectively volunteer hundreds of hours in the hot sun to make sure each match is played within IFP rules.  Sometimes this can be a thankless job, but we are proud of what our referees do and how well they do it!  Runners carry scoresheets and equipment between the Referee Desk and their assigned courts. Each runner covers 4 courts. Runners must be attentive to their courts to keep the flow of games moving efficiently. Runners are also able to communicate emergency situations to Medical and Operations staff. Our Referee Desk and runners keeps courts staffed and the matches moving. Referees and runners handled 610 matches in this years tournament!


Mark Attwood
John Bacon
Bob Barczak
Diane Baumgartner
Libby Bogard
Russell Bracewell
Sandy Brown
Al Bushey
Marty Butler
Gene Carpenter
Charlie Chaffee
Peggy Conrad
Joe Davidson
Brian Firebaugh
Craig Fraser
John Friesner
Linda Gillard
John Grasso
Ron Greene
Jim Hamilton
Nicole Hobson
Lance Hunt
Christy Hunter
Sally Jerome
Ted Keener
Cliff Kitashima
Boomer Lambert
Terry Lavigne
Ken Lee
John LeMaster
Michael LeRoy
Don Lippert
Kirsti Longbrake
Jerry Louis
Homer McCracken
Bobbi McQuinn
Gail Miller
Lee Moore
Shannon Morton
Rochelle Neal
Suzanne Nordhagen
Linda Parker
Marian Pasela
Kenneth Porter
Kathleen Raft
Lisa Reckling
Anne Reynolds
Ed Rogers
Laurie Roy
Coke Schaefer
Rum Schaefer
Ken Schoonover
Les Scott
Barbara Smith
Ginger Spohr
Jerry Steger
Paula Steger
Lynn Syler
Richard Warner
Ted Wilson
Rhoda Zaph


Fran Borcalli
Larry Boyd
Jeannie Branin
Carole Colby
Paul Craig
Susie Dougan
Jamie Filipeli
Alane Harrold
Susan Houck
Mike Houck
Charlie House
Barbara Hudin
Dennis Maddelein
Bill McCann
Robyn McCartney
Buzz McConnell
Izzy McGarraugh
Jan Meredith
Verna Moore
Joyce Pickersgill
Gisele Schmidt
Vicki Taylor
Chuck Taylor
Becky Woodbridge
Jim Woodbridge

Tournament Desk

Tournament Desk operators primarily handle court assignments and scoring.  Utilizing a sophisticated computer program that creates the brackets and generates the score sheets, operators keep the matches flowing, the courts full, and the records complete and correct.

Perry Deutsch
Kirk Foster
Dan Fuller
Ron Hoyt
Cheryl McDonough
Steve McDonough
Randy Rachal
JoLynn Rains
Paula Steger

Director & Coordinators

Tournament Director: Anne Reynolds
Referees: Irene Fraties
Volunteers: Kathy Foster
Operations: Terry Brown
Tournament Desk: Kirk Foster
Head Schmoozer: AJ Fraties

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