New Member Welcome

Welcome to the Bend Pickleball Club!  We’re glad you’re here and we hope we can help you achieve your pickleball goals.

Some of the common questions we are asked by new members are: “Now what do I do? How do I use the courts? What’s happening?” Some of those questions, of course, will be answered more completely along the way as you gain more experience with your club. But the following may help you take your first steps!

If you haven’t already checked out the website, go here and take a look around.  You’ll find the latest club news, area tournament information, and what’s going on with the courts. We offer organized play opportunities, clinics, and an assisted play program to help you develop your pickleball skills. See the links below for more on some of these programs. Our website is intended to be useful to you; use it often!


Most club activity sign ups (and all organized play opportunities) are managed through Sign Up Genius.  Sign Up Genius is separate from the Bend Pickleball Club member database. You must create an account with Sign Up Genius using the same email you registered with the Bend Pickleball Club.  After you join the club, the Administrator will add your email to the Sign Up Genius group which will allow you to sign up for any Member Only events. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the Administrator to add you to the member group and up to 14 days if you paid by check.

Here is a link to our Sign Up Genius pages:

There are also links to the Sign Up Genius pages in several places on the BPC website.

All of our sign ups are grouped together under Tabs.  To access the sign up you are interested in, click on the tab.  Please read all of the instructions on the page before you use the Sign Up.  Changes to sign ups and other special information will usually be posted at the top of the page.  You should check this page frequently to make sure you are up to date with the latest information.


We highly recommend that anyone who has just joined the club from beginner training take a 2.0-level assisted play session. You can sign up for an assisted play session under the Assisted Play tab of the Sign Up Genius pages if you are ready to sign up.


We offer year round organized play sessions called ROUND ROBIN play. These are structured by skill-level (starting at the 2.5 level) and are typically held Monday through Friday at Pine Nursery Park (May thru October) and Bend Hoops (November thru March).  You will be able to sign up to play in sessions for the skill level you selected when you joined.  For information on what skill-level you should be playing at, go HERE for a definition of the skills that you should demonstrate to play at certain levels. (Hint: players just through beginners’ training will typically “graduate” at a 2.0-level. If you participate in the assisted play session, one of the mentors/assistants will let you know when you’re ready to move up to the 2.5 skill level.)

You may be able to move to a higher Skill Level in several ways.  For complete information on BPC rating procedures, go HERE.

Round Robin Play:  Players are grouped according to skill level.  A Captain establishes the play rotation. Each player will play 6 matches, each match with a different partner.  Show up for play and register at least 10 minutes before the scheduled session starts so the Captain can get the rotation set and play will start on time. All players must stay for the full duration of a session.  This is not Drop-In Play format.

CHALLENGE COURT PLAY is a form of summer only organized play that does not require sign-up. To better understand Challenge Court Play, go HERE.

Other Skill Development opportunities:

Simon:  (Summer activity) Simon is a ball machine that can be set up outdoors at Pine Nursery Park to allow a player to practice different aspects of the game.  A session leader is on hand to show players how to set up and utilize the machine.  Up to 3 Players may sign up for a 30 minute session on dates the machine is available.  There are videos of Simon in action under the Clinics tab on the BPC website.

Other group training sessions and clinics featuring “Pros” from various places in the U.S. are offered from time-to-time, typically May to October. You will get emails from the BPC when they are available. You are now on our email list for these and for other news. But you can check HERE for any current clinics that may have been set before you joined.

The above should get you started in using your new membership. We hope you will take advantage of all of the opportunities the club has to offer.  We also welcome your COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS as to how we can make your member experience more valuable.

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to seeing you on the courts!