Meeting – July 26, 2012

Minutes of the BPC General Meeting

Vice President Karen Fellows called the meeting to order at 6:10pm. President AJ Fraties was out of

Karen called for a motion to defer the reading of the minutes of last month’s meeting. The motion
was made and seconded.

Christie Gestvang provided the Treasurer’s report:

Beginning balance: $2209.31


New memberships and renewals $550.00
Club shirt sales $80.00
Court play $1,019.75
Registration for tournament $1650


Tape $54.06
Storage Unit $42.00
Tournament prizes $554.88
Court rental $580.00

Ending Balance: $4278.12

Karen announced that 21 players from the Bend Pickleball Club participated in the Sunriver
Thousand Trails Tournament earlier this month. Of those 21 players, 14 received medals.

Karen identified upcoming Oregon tournaments: Rally in the Valley, Pickle by the Seaside and
Picklebarrel Classic.

Roger Fellows, who is in charge of the raffle for the Bend Tournament reported that some donations
have been received, but more donations of Oregon wine and six-packs of local beers are needed.
He reminded members that if they prefer, they can make monetary donations and the committee
will secure the beer and wine. Joan Spongberg suggested that Deschutes Brewery is good about
making donations. Someone needs to go into the brewery and fill out a form. Patty Emmons
volunteered to take on this action.

Someone asked how the raffle will work. Roger explained that there will be a number of items on
the table each day. Ticket holders can place their raffle tickets into the basket of the item they
choose. Winning tickets for each item will be drawn before the completion of play each day.

More volunteers are still needed to help out at the tournament. Areas needing help include
breakfast set-up, fruits and snacks, sell lunch tickets, man the lunch table, sell club shirts, assist at
the USAPA table, take photos. Susie Dougan volunteered to assist with picture taking.

Lisa reported on the status of the tournament:

  • 90+ players registered so far. Mixed doubles on Sunday will be the largest event.
  • Play will start at 8:30am each day.
  • Play is expected to finish Friday and Saturday by early afternoon. Sunday will probably run
  • till late afternoon.
  • Lunch will be provided each day for a small fee.
  • Awards for winners will be a pilsner glass with the tournament logo on it.
  • Volunteers will take the courts at Juniper on Thursday afternoon. Courts will be available
  • for practice play from 4 – 6pm on Thursday. Bruce reported that he now has the tape
  • machine he ordered and will use it to set up for the tournament. Courts will be locked each
  • night to protect the taping.
  • We still need 3 additional men to serve as mixed partner for 3 women who need partners.

Karen highlighted the two articles that ran this month in the Bend Bulletin, as well as all area open
play and mention of our tournament in the Community Calendar – great publicity for the sport.

Irene Fraties reported on the results of the Site Selection Committee meetings held this month.
Bend Parks & Rec have identified four parks where a pickleball court complex can be built: Larkspur,
Ponderosa, Pine Nursery and Big Sky. The committee used a Potential Site Evaluation form as a
point of discussion as members visited all four parks for a first hand inspection. Criteria included
Physical Suitability, Location, Infrastructure, Desirability Factors (including environmental such as
wind) and Overall Feasibility.

Committee concluded that Larkspur Park is the top choice, especially for central location,
infrastructure, already identified with pickleball, possible expansion (beyond the 8 courts that are
the current target) and readiness for development. Big Sky was selected as a back-up choice since
it’s also ready for development now.

The one factor that has become a potential issue is the sound (type and level) created by the
pickleballs hitting the paddles. The Committee will do some sound testing at the Larkspur location
and Matt and Kevin from Bend Park & Rec will attend our tournament to get a personal perspective
on the noise from 8 courts in play.

While Bend Park & Rec will provide land, labor, equipment and engineering to construct the courts,
Bend pickleball players will still be responsible for raising funds for the project.

Bruce Schafer, lead of the Funding Feasibility Committee discussed the information he learned from
a gentleman in Indiana who secured a grant to build courts as part of his state’s (Indiana) fitness
program for older adults. Bruce hopes to leverage off of this program for something similar here in
Bend. His committee will meet in the near future to identify fund raising opportunities.

Elections were held for new BPC board member positions. Nominees were: VP – Les Scott;
Treasurer – Christie Gestvang; Secretary – Anne Reynolds. All nominees were elected. AJ Fraties
has agreed to continue as President for one more year to provide a transition for the new board.

Evelyn Cooke reported messages that she has heard from some pickleball players:

  • Winter play at the Boys & Girls Club will be essential to retain local club members
  • Some intermediate players complained that they haven’t joined group play at Summit because they didn’t feel welcomed by the more advanced players
  • Sr Center staff doesn’t know what to say when asked when to play, who to contact or how to take lessons

Now that Summit High is no longer available for open play, members want to continue to meet for play days. The suggestion is that players can meet informally for drop-in play at Mt. View High courts. These courts cannot be reserved, so drop-in only is available as long as tape is removed after play. It was emphasized that this is not a club-sponsored activity to avoid conflict with school regulations.

Action: Issue email stating that play at Summit High is now over for the summer. Irene Fraties will
send via club email.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8pm.