Meeting – May 22, 2014

May 22, 2014
Bend Senior Center

▪ President, Mike Holcomb called the meeting to order at 6:05pm.

▪ Board Members present: Mike Holcomb, Les Scott, Jamie Filipeli, Tom Sifferman and Anne Reynolds

▪ Mike motioned that the reading of the previous board minutes be dispensed and it was seconded

▪ AJ Fraties, liaison to Bend Parks and Recreation, announced that official play will begin Monday, May 26th. Overall he is very pleased with the courts. Work is still being completed (landscaping, sod, picnic tables etc.) and we will limit entrance to the courts for now to reduce the amount of dirt entering the courts. Electrical is scheduled to be installed in June or July. Two water sources have been installed and an existing water fountain can be used near the dog park. A porta-potty will be available at the south east corner of courts.

▪ Werner Zehnder, Court Utilization Chair introduced the chairs of his committee. Jan Patchett, Gail Miller, Kirk Foster and Anne Reynolds. Sign-up Genius is now being used for Round Robin (RR) play and he asked that members play within their skill level. Players will post their scores and a spread sheet will track results. Four courts will be dedicated for RR and the other four as challenge courts Monday through Friday. Saturday will be open play. All non-members are required to sign liability waivers each time they play and pay $5. Members will sign only once for the season with no fee required.

▪ Irene Fraites explained the Challenge Court Play. Monday through Friday four courts are available for challenge. Bend Parks & Rec will be providing beginner training on Mondays 5:45pm to 7pm. Club contact information will be given to new players. Irene also informed us that the referee training class has just been completed and new referees will be practicing during our sessions.

▪ Tom Sifferman announced that our club has gone from 111 members to 209 since October of 2013, with more coming in each day.

▪ Christie Gestvang reported on the progress of the Oregon Senior Games. Currently over 160 players have signed up and it will be capped at 180. An alternative venue has been identified in the event we encounter bad weather. A food vendor backed out and she is currently checking on other vendors. Opening ceremony will be on June 18th at the Bend Athletic Club with food, music and the entry packets for events. On Friday June 20th, the Senior Center will offer a free dinner, beer & raffles. Closing Ceremony will be on Sunday 11-3pm with food carts and festivities.

▪ Karen Fellows, Tournament Director reviewed the 2nd Annual Big Country Tournament on August 15th, 16th, and 17th. It will be a skill level tourney and its being limited to 12 teams per skill level. Some events are already full.

▪ Mike Holcomb announced changes to the board structure. To better serve our members the board agreed to expand from 5 to 7 members. Mike is leaving the country and will step down as president on June 12th. A special election will be held on Jun 12th, 6pm at the Senior Center. The board positions will be as follows: President, Vice President/ Court Operations, Treasurer/Secretary, Membership Chair, Training & Development Chair, Court Utilization Chair & Communications Chair. The board made recommendations to the members of possible candidates: President – AJ Fraties, Training & Development – Irene Fraties, Court Utilization – Werner Zehnder. Members can propose to the board any candidates that are willing to serve. Bio’s of all candidates will be e-mailed out to all members prior to the special election meeting. Les will remain as Vice President, Jamie will remain as Treasurer with the added responsibility of Secretary and Tom remains as Membership Chair.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm

Respectfully Submitted By:

Anne Reynolds, Secretary