Guest/Visitor Policy

The Bend Pickleball Club (the Club) organizes play at Pine Nursery Park (PNP) exclusively for Club members.  Through an agreement with Bend Park & Recreation District, the Club has exclusive access to 12 of the 16 PNP courts from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Non-members are welcome to use the 4 remaining courts at any time of the day.

The Club allows guests of members or visitors to the area to participate in Challenge Court play as follows:

Guests: A guest is a player who is a temporary visitor and is a friend or family of a member.  A member may sponsor the same guest for no more than 5 play days. Members may bring a guest for Challenge Court play provided the guest signs a liability waiver. Guests are not eligible to participate in other organized play. There are no charges for guests.

Visitors: A visitor to the courts is a non-member who is not associated with a Club member.  A member may invite a visitor to play in Challenge Court play providing the visitor completes a liability waiver. There is no charge for visitor play in Challenge Courts. Visitors are not eligible to participate in other organized play.

Visitor Player membership:  A player planning for an extended stay (up to 31 consecutive days) may purchase a Visitor Player membership, valid for one month, for $25.  A Visitor Player membership is for an individual only and allows the player to participate in the BPC organized play sessions. A Visitor Player membership may be upgraded to another membership type within 7 days of expiration. A Visitor Player Membership is only available on-line through the Bend Pickleball Club website HERE.