Challenge Court Play Defined

Challenge Court Play is conducted on a first come – first served basis on any court not being utilized for Round-Robin play or training. A “challenge” means that a pair of players gives verbal notice to a group of four currently playing individuals that the new pair wishes to play the winners of the current game. Once the challenge has been given and accepted, no other pair may challenge into the same court.

Once the current game has ended, there are two options:

  • If the challenging pair wishes to stay together as a team, they will play against the team that won the previous game.
  • Alternatively, the winning team will split, one to each end of the court, and the challengers will split to match up with the original players.

Players getting together on the court should agree as to which option they prefer.

With either option, if there are no other courts available and people are waiting to play, winners must vacate the court after they have completed two games.  This arrangement will prevent one team from continuously occupying limited facilities.