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What is a rating?
Why do I need a rating?
Bend Pickleball Club Rating Types
Rating Changes
How may I obtain or change a rating?
Rating Downgrade
Ratings Appeals
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What is a rating?

Player ratings are used to group players by ability levels so that players can compete in organized play and participate in clinics with other players of similar ability. Keep in mind that this will never be a perfect system, but it should improve a player’s chances of having a more competitive and fun match.

For Bend Pickleball Club, a player rating is a numeric value from 2.0 through 5.0 that classifies a given player’s pickleball skills and abilities.  BPC player rating classifications are taken from the IFP rating system.  (See Skill Level Definitions.)  Although BPC may use a player’s USAPA rating for club purposes, BPC ratings are for club use only and are not reported to the USAPA. Return to Index

Why Do I Need a Rating?

If you wish to participate in organized play such as Round Robin Play or Coed MXR, or if you wish to participate in skill development clinics, a rating will be required to group you with players of a similar skill level. Return to Index

Bend Pickleball Club Rating Types

USAPA Rating:  This is a tournament rating assigned to the player by the USAPA.  It is not a self rating or a club rating that a player has reported to the USAPA.  Unless a member applies for and receives a higher  International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) rating, a USAPA tournament rating will be a BPC members club rating, regardless of self-assessment or other factors.

IPTPA Rating: A rating by a Certified Rating Specialist following the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) rating protocol. Effective June 1, 2017, all members seeking a new rating (other than a USAPA Tournament Rating) will follow the ITPTA rating procedure.

Bend Pickleball Club members receive a $10. discount when joining the IPTPA.  Additionally, BPC will reimburse all members who join IPTPA via a $15.00 discount on their subsequent club member dues. (This reimbursement will only be available to BPC members who join IPTPA as a BPC member. New BPC members who are already IPTPA members are not eligible for reimbursement.)

A member whose IPTPA or Club rating is higher than their USAPA rating must compete in Bend Pickleball Club sponsored tournaments and activities at the higher rating.

To obtain an IPTPA rating, follow these steps:

1. Go to IPTPA.com and READ the overview page.  Place your mouse pointer on the IPTPA Rating link on the top menu and select Rating Application.  Complete an application for membership including paying the $15 fee to join. As Bend Pickleball Club is a member club, the fee is only $15.

2. When you have completed step 1, go to PickleballEdge.com, click on Ratings and complete a request for rating. When, and only when, verification of your application and fee completion is received by the rater, will you be assigned to a rating session.

3. After you have been notified by the rater that you are eligible for a rating session, you may sign up for a rating session.

Self-Rating:  This is a new member’s critical self-evaluation based on the players own assessment of his or her skills compared to the Skill  Level Definitions promulgated by the USAPA and modified for club use.  Self-ratings over 3.0 will require evaluation and confirmation in an IPTPA rating evaluation session.  After a new member has established a self-rating, all subsequent ratings must be established through the IPTPA or USAPA rating processes.

BPC: This is a club rating established by the club based on either an evaluation of the player relative to USAPA rating standards in a rating evaluation session or by player performance in round robin play. There are no BPC ratings higher than 4.0. A member whose club rating is higher than their USAPA rating must compete in Bend Pickleball Club sponsored tournaments and activities at the higher rating. Effective June 1, 2017, BPC will only evaluate players at the 2.0 level.  All other non-tournament ratings will be done through the IPTPA.  Existing BPC ratings will remain in effect until a member obtains a rating change via the USAPA or IPTPA methods.

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Rating Changes

USAPA player rating is changed by the USAPA based on player performance in sanctioned tournament play.

ITPTA player ratings are changed when the Ratings Chair receives official notification that a player has successfully completed an evaluation for a given skill level by an ITPTA Certified Rating Specialist.

BPC ratings are changed when the Ratings Chair received documentation that an Assisted Play Mentor has observed that a 2.0 self-rated member has demonstrated the ability to participate at the 2.5 skill level.

BPC Members may request a temporary or permanent “Downgrade” in their current BPC Skill Level Rating when injury , illness or declining physical ability may prevent safe play at current skill level. See instructions in the HOW MAY I OBTAIN OR CHANGE A RATING? below.

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How may I obtain or change a rating?

  • Establish a USAPA Rating through competition in USAPA Sanctioned tournaments. Notification from the USAPA to the player is sufficient to change a player rating.
  • Go to the IPTPA web page and join the IPTPA. Select a Certified Rating Specialist and successfully complete a rating evaluation session.  IPTPA ratings are effective when the Rating Chair receives official notice of a rating from the IPTPA.
  • A new member may conduct a self-assessment for initial rating purposes using the Bend Pickleball Club Skill Level Definitions. There will be no self-rating over 3.0.  New or unrated players may also get an initial rating, training and advice at Assisted Play sessions.  Assisted Play mentors are authorized to move players from 2.0 to 2.5.  The appropriate Skill Assessment form will be completed and forwarded to the Ratings Committee.
  • New members who do not meet the above criteria but have a compelling reason for an initial rating higher than 2.5  (i.e. tournament rating, established play in a higher rating, etc.) may appeal to the Ratings Committee for an adjustment.
  • Rating Downgrade: BPC Members may request a Temporary or Permanent “Downgrade” in their current BPC Skill Level Rating when injury, illness or declining physical ability may prevent safe play at current skill level.
    • Members seeking a Rating Downgrade will begin by completing and submitting a Skill Level Downgrade Request form to the Ratings Chair.
    • Ratings Chair will review the request and make a final determination on the rating downgrade.
    • Ratings Chair will update the members profile with ratings downgrade and expiration date, if applicable.
    • Ratings Chair will notify the member when the downgrade has been processed.
    • After receiving Ratings Chair approval, members may participate in any Organized Play session at the new level.
    • Downgrade only affects a club rating for purposes of organized play and does not have any connection to a USAPA rating which may remain at a higher level and will govern player participation in USAPA tournaments.
    • Any Permanent Downgrade will require a formal IPTPA Rating or a change in USAPA rating to revert to the higher rating.
    • Rating Downgrade is not intended to simply allow members to compete in local tournaments at a lower level.  Ratings Chair may cancel any Rating Downgrade where abuse of the process is suspected.

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Ratings Appeals

Appeals regarding a rating, including medical appeals, should be directed via email to the Rating Chair at ratings@bendpickleballclub.com.  Appeals emails should include sufficient detail and contact information for the Chair to make a quick investigation into the matter. Return to Index

Ratings Committee

The Ratings Committee is a Courts Use responsibility, under Courts Utilization Director (the Director).

The Ratings Committee (the Committee) members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Director.  The Committee sets rules for ratings, monitors ratings processes, hears any ratings appeals, and updates club records to reflect current rating information.

The Ratings Chair is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Court Utilization Director. The Ratings Chair makes decisions on ratings appeals, coordinates committee activities, sets meetings and meeting agendas, assigns work to committee members, updates or directs updates to Member Database, maintains or directs maintenance of committee records and ratings records, maintains or directs maintenance of all rating procedures and documents. Return to Index

Revised May, 2017